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Driven by the growing demand for convenience, mobile lifestyles and lightweight solutions, the market for flexible packaging is growing rapidly. It provides a solution to the problems faced by consumers on daily basis and makes their life easier.


As a specialist in resealable systems, Flexico® offers also a resealable flexible bag solutions. Thanks to the expertise we have acquired over a period of 60 years, we can innovate, develop and optimise the manufacturing processes to offer you innovative and personalised resealable flexible bags.

While meeting the new requirements of the consumer, the resealable flexible packaging helps to build loyalty for your brand. Indeed, 65% of consumers tried a new product because the packaging caught their attention. If a resealable packaging product is more attractive thanks to the quality of its printing and its finish, it will be used more and more.

The latest Flexico® creation in the bag sector is the Safegrip® concept: the first bag designed to protect children, as well as being CRC (Child Resistant Closure) certified.

More than ever, consumers want more practical, convenient and eco-friendly packaging solutions, which is why all our mono-material bags are 100% recyclable.

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